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Compact Hunting & Fishing Slingshot

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Every prepper and survivalist should have a system to hunt game without making any noise...AKA giving your position away.  This Compact Hunting & Fishing Slingshot shoots 26" to 32" hunting arrows, stainless steel ball bearings, rocks, and even bow fishing arrows.  

When you add our bow fishing reel seat, short rod, and Zebco 808 bow fishing reel you can use the Compact Hunting & Fishing Slingshot to hunt AND bow fish.

Field points are fine for hunting small game like rabbit and squirrel but you will need to switch the field point for a broadhead arrow point when hunting large game like deer or hog.  Make no mistake about it; this Compact Hunting & Fishing Slingshot is powerful enough to put a broadhead arrow clean through a deer.

I strongly encourage you to use our three piece carbon hunting arrows. These arrows accept both a field point and broad head and when broken down are easily stored in your bug-out-bag or backpack.

No other weapon gives you the flexibility to hunt a number of species of game and bow fishing while being small enough to carry in your bug-out-bag.  This should be in every serious preppers or survivalist’s bug-out-bag!  

The Compact Hunting & Fishing Slingshot comes with 35 lb draw tubes which are ideally suited for maximum controllability and accuracy. It also has a pouch which is designed to hold both our stainless steel ball bearing ammo balls or rocks AND a place to knock your arrows.  In my opinion the Compact Hunting & Fishing Slingshot is best used with an archers release as it is too difficult to pinch and draw 35 pound tubes without an archer’s release.  

Switching from ball bearing or rock ammo to arrows is easy and quick.  If you want to shoot an arrow simply flip the sturdy arrow rest up to hold your arrow in place until released.  When you want to shoot our ball bearing ammo or rocks just fold the arrow rest down.

We include a 12 min DVD on how to quick aim and shoot the Compact Hunting & Fishing Slingshot.  You can learn to hunt and bowfish in no time.  The base slingshot without the reel seat, arm support or short bowfishing rod measures 7 inches high by 4 inches wide and only weighs 8 oz!  It can be easily disassembled and packed in your bug-out-bag or backpack.

We sell several accessories for the Compact Hunting & Fishing Slingshot to help you survive any situation.  You can purchase an arm brace for shooting the more powerful 40 pound slingshot tubes.  We also carry a machined bowfishing reel seat specifically made for the Compact Hunting & Fishing Slingshot which keep the bowfishing reel upright and in the right position at all times.  I highly recommend the Zebco 808 bowfishing reel.  Once the reel seat is attached with the hardware provided you can attach the short bowfishing rod to allow you to shoot a one piece fiberglass bowfishing arrow like a pro.   

All of the accessories listed above are made specifically for the Compact Hunting & Fishing Slingshot to give you the maximum ability to gather game and bowfish for survival without giving away your position.  If you have any questions feel free to give us a call and we'd be happy to walk you through this amazing piece of survival equipment.